How to tie a tie?

How do I tie a tie- Steps for real art


Have you ever wondered: how do I tie a tie? This is not hard! This can be certainly considered an art. There is no need to find yourself in a situation where you have to appear formal but you don’t even know how to tie a tie!  You cannot let anything stop you from that important event or meeting. Read on to learn a general guideline.


There are many tutorials on how do I tie a tie. Moreover, knowing how to tie a tie to make it look properly is imperative. It is now commonly employed, so you’re not dependent on male or female. You need to master your skills but you do not need to be such an expert to do this. Take off your formal look of future trouble if you do not know to tie a tie, or mirror or have no time for it.

Measures to make it pair

The 1st step on how do I tie a tie is to hang the tie around the neck so that the wide part you have left on your right. You have to let it hang over the narrow part, by a ratio of two to one: that is, the tip of the narrow part should be in the middle of the wide part. You can measure the wide bend toward your face. The fold should be on the tip of the narrow, with broad tip on the tip of your chin looking squarely. This will always be necessary to do to tie a tie: I always used to calculate that they are even tips.

Simple Knot

Since you have measured, loose ends and crosses the wide to your left through the front or above the narrow half lengthwise. They form a V under your neck. Give back to the back of this once again pass through the front around the narrow, while in the back, the forward pass between the V formed between the two sides to come from your neck. Pass along the inside of the last lap of the front and throw with your right hand down. Holding the knot as if it were an ice cream cone with your left hand, squeeze it until you are sure the height you want. Finally, hold the narrow right hand turn up the knot with your left hand in a waffle to where you want to put it. This is the easy way when learning the how do I tie a tie process.

Double Knot

For this, you do exactly the same as the previous node, only that you build one more lap before passing through the interior of the last lap.

As you can tell, this is not so hard. Master each how do I tie a tie step and get ready to look formal and elegant.



It’s not overly hard. You just gotta practice, remember what you were told – practice makes perfect and it really does. Some people are obsessed with tieing ties, not us of course that’s why we don’t own this very website (shameless sarcasum).

Anyway, moving on. You’ve all probably herd of don white the great, a great tie, tier with websites spanning from hear to nowhere. Enjoy. Enjoy, Enjoy.



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